Welcome to the official website of  Aes Sidhe Photography.
Aes Sidhe photography is owned by Johan & Marietjie Opperman, professional photographers based in Akasia (Pretoria), in the Gauteng province of South Africa. We are however available to travel to other destinations within the boundaries of our beautiful country.
In Irish and Scottish mythology, the Aes Sidhe refers to a supernatural race, comparable to fairies or elves. They are often referred to as simply  ’The Fair Folk’ or ‘The Folk‘.They are said to live in a parallel world or universe. This world, usually referred to as the ‘Gaelic Otherworld’, is seen closer at the times of dusk and dawn, therefore this is a special time to the Aes Sidhe. Appropriately, this is also the time most special to photographers, which we refer to as the ‘Golden Hour’ due to the incredible soft light available for photography.At Aes Sidhe Photography, our aim is to capture the “magic” of your special moments and events. Whether these are baby Christenings, weddings, engagements, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, general and family portraits, corporate functions, or the photography of your company’s products, we aim to add our special ‘magic’ to the photos.